ATV/UTV Public Meeting

Thursday, June 1, 2023, 6 to 7:30 pm. at the Town Hall, 6294 State Hwy 23.
The Town of Wyoming Board is hosting a listening session for Town residents to discuss the issue of allowing ATVs and UTVs on Town roads. Your input from this meeting will be advisory to the Board as they consider whether to introduce a local ordinance allowing use of these vehicles on Town roads.
ATV and UTV use on public roads is only permitted if a municipality has an ordinance allowing it. Town of Wyoming does not have such an ordinance. At present, ATVs and UTVs should not travel any roads in the Town. State law does allow UTVs registered for agricultural use to be used for that purpose under specific circumstances.
In 2022 a group of Town residents approached the Town Board to allow wider use of  ATVs and UTVs on Town roads. Municipalities have the discretion to allow these vehicles on certain roads and not on others, to put time-of-day restrictions on recreational use, etc. Unless specified otherwise by the municipality, travel on County roads would be permitted in an ordinance.
The options for the town include, but are not limited to:
   — Opening all Town and County roads for use (travel on State highways is not permitted under any circumstances)
   — Opening some Town and County road but not others
   — Include any legal restrictions desired by the municipality (for instance, no recreational use after a certain time of day)
   — Pass an ordinance with a one-year trial period, after which the ordinance could be amended or revoked
   — None of the above
The June 1 meeting will include more information from those who have made this request, concerns and considerations from the Town Board, and an explanation of the process required to introduce and pass a new Town ordinance.
The Town Board can only make an informed decision if its residents are well informed and able to voice their opinions. The Town is doing its best to spread the word to residents and property owners who do not reside here. Please help us spread the word. Most importantly — please attend this meeting. If you cannot attend but would like to submit a comment, please send your comment to [email protected]
If you would like to receive periodic email communications from the Town of Wyoming, please send your name, address of the property you own, rent or lease, and your email address to [email protected]