Landowner Advocates for Town of Wyoming ATV/UTV Ordinance

Date: October 8, 2023
To: Town of Wyoming Board of Supervisors
From: Landowner Advocates for Town of Wyoming ATV/UTV Ordinance


After reviewing the comments and other information provided from Town of Wyoming residents, members of our group advocating an ATV/UTV ordinance for recreational use would propose the following ordinance and limited road openings for a 1 year trial period to see if we can come to an agreement on this issue. If we, the landowners, were to get an approval of this ordinance, we could re-visit the information again in the September 2024 monthly meeting.

With the limited roads that we are asking to be open for the 1 year trial period, we would have no interest in petitioning the Iowa County Highway Department for opening of any of the County Highways within the Town of Wyoming until we revisit the findings from the trial period in September of 2024.

All the roads we are proposing are West of Hwy 23. Any roads that continue to jurisdictions with current ATV/UTV ordinances the route would end 1⁄2 mile prior to the town line to discourage ATV/UTV’s coming from other jurisdictions. These selects roads are nowhere near any sensitive tourist areas, and there are no eating or drinking establishments on these routes.

As proposed in prior meetings, we would secure private donations for purchase and installation of all signage needed for this proposal. We are also looking into providing an ATV/UTV safety course for any of the town residents to participate in with no cost to the taxpayers.

Thank you for considering this matter. Sincerely,

Terry & Suzanne Shifflet
Dick Powell & Lori Norenberg
Chad & Carolyn Hunter
Paul & Julie Esser

Supporting documents

Town of Wyoming map showing suggested areas for allowing ATV/UTVs

Proposed Town of Wyoming ATV/UTV Route Ordinance (PDF)