Statement from Jeff Jacobsen

Dear neighbors and friends,

Tomorrow night is the Wyoming Township Hall Meeting regarding approving local ATV/UTV routes. As many of you are aware, mostly all but the Townships of Clyde and Wyoming in lowa County have at least deferred such usage on its towns roads. As majority owner of Upper Wyoming and Weaver Roads parcels, I am adamantly opposed to allowing any town roads for such usage, and I hope you all can agree or try to understand why:

We are uniquely surrounded by countless routes with those obtrusive green placard signs, and can easily be tied in from other routes with folk who may not care as we do to keep our long term plan and heritage for maintaining peaceful quiet and bucolic country side setting, that is free from potential droves of tourist lined up forcing us to attempt passing them.

• Safety will be greatly reduced as we know how hard it is to see around our town roads’ corners and foliage, as speed limits are often intermittent and or ignored.
• Enforcement will be extremely difficult with so few Sheriffs’ Deputies willing and able to go after trespassers who can easily disappear on any of the many field and woods trails to off road places.
• Drunk or impaired drivers can only be charged with a misdemeanor and not have to worry about it going on their driving record.
• There is no need in our area with no restaurants and bars to patronize.
• Occasional and quick ATV use of the local roads by Owners here have never become an issue, especially for ag purposes.
• Etc, etc, I could go on and will tomorrow night at the 6:00 PM meeting, hoping to see many of you who are as passionate about protecting and maintaining our long heritage of serenity.

Attached are some maps and other info to ponder.

Thank you for your attention to this important issue.

Jeff Jacobsen