Recreational Use of ATV/UTVs on Township Roads

In spring 2022 a group of Town of Wyoming residents approached the Town Board requesting an ordinance allowing recreational use of ATVs and UTVs on Town roads. The request was tabled and revisited by the Town Board this past spring (2023).

Such use can only be permitted if the local municipality has an ordinance allowing recreational use on town roads. Agricultural use on Town roads is already permitted according to existing Dept. of Natural Resources regulations.

At present, Town of Wyoming does not have an ordinance enabling recreational use on Town roads. If the Town enacts such an ordinance, Iowa County will then make its own decision permitting the same on all or most County roads in our town.

A draft ordinance has been submitted by the residents making the request. Depending on property owners’ feedback and suggestions, your Town Board will consider whether to enact an ordinance. The Town Board will also decide any provisions and limitations to be written into an ordinance.

Your input is important to the Town Board.

Citizen comments

Minutes from the June 1 Public Forum

Statement from Tom Kelly: ATV/UTV Joyriding on Wyoming Town Roads: A Hazardous Public Nuisance

Statement from Jeff Jacobsen opposing the ordinance

The Town Board welcomes feedback from its property owners and residents. Submit relevant information or personal statements for consideration to [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions


Draft proposal for ATV/UTV ordinance submitted by Town residents

State of Wisconsin Statute pertaining to use of ATVs on Wisconsin roadways.

Iowa County ATV/UTV ordinance (PDF)

Iowa County ATV/UTV routes map (PDF)

ATV regulations: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Despite Hazards, Wisconsin Opens Public Roadways To ATVs: Article from WisContext

Town of Caledonia, WI, takes on ATV/UTV issue:

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